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Admission Pricing at the Gate

Unlimited Wristband: $22.99

(Discounted From Full Price Of $25.99 Until 3/1/2020)

Unlimited FUN: All attractions are included for the entire operating day -  Switchback Roller Coaster, Ed's Speed Shop Multi-Level GoKart Track, Parachute Drop, Dizzy Toucan, Trampoline Thing, Rock Wall, Silo Climb, Maxflight Simulator, Jungle Playground, Main Building Arcade on Free Play, Rock n' Roll Arcade on Free Play, Mad Raft*, Viper*, and Viper's Tail*.


Other Admission Options Available at the Gate

Free Walk-In Admission - Free Walk-In Admission is only available to adults and to children ages 2 and under. This option is not available to children ages 3-15. Free walk-in admission does not include any rides, video games, or attractions, and is only available to those who are accompanying or joining a paid person. A $5.99 GoKart Driver Band may also be purchased by an adult to drive children that are not yet tall enough to drive on their own. Ride tickets may also be purchased for $4.62 per ride.

Indoor Wristband - $17.99 - Includes admission into the park with unlimited use of the following indoor attractions: Bungee Trampoline, MaxFlight Simulator, Indoor Rock Wall, Jungle Playground, Main Building Arcade on Free Play, Rock n’ Roll Arcade on Free Play. Not available for purchase online. Does not include any other rides or attractions.

Memberships and Season Passes

Premium Membership - Not available at the gate, only online. As low as $5.99/month. Click Here for Details.

2019+2020 Season Pass - $74.99 - Click Here for Details

2019+2020 Premium Pass - $99.99 each. Click Here for Details.


*Water rides are season, weather permitting. For water ride calendar, see zdtamusement.com/hours