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Premium Membership

Signup Fees + First Month Due at Checkout:


$5.99 - $6.99 / Month Each  

$5.99 / Month Each for Four or More Members
Or, $6.99 / Month Each for Three or Fewer Members
+$14.99 Signup Fee Per Member

At the completion of your order, you will be provided a QR code linked to your tickets. You will need to show this code on arrival to claim the order. This QR code will also be emailed to you (or a link to it texted to you if a mobile phone number is used instead of an email address during checkout).

Because there is only one ticket created per order, all those on one order should arrive together. For those arriving separately, a separate order should be created. Alternatively, if some people on the order have not arrived yet when the order is claimed then a name or list of names can be left for each person arriving separately to be claimed later on in the day.